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Weapons You Will Need to be a Zombie Hunter

Well, if the time comes when there might be a zombie apocalypse and you want to become a zombie hunter, there are going to be some weapons you more than likely will want to include in your zombie survival kit. Some say these things are pretty much good to have in a survival kit.

AR-15 - These guns often get some bad rap but when it comes to zombies it seems they are very important to have nearby. These are accurate rifles that let you defend your position from a huge group of zombies as long as you have some extra magazines and lots of ammo. They are also pretty light and they won't slow the zombie hunter down if they are on the run.

A Semiautomatic Pistol – This is essential for any zombie hunter and their survival kit. You don't want a revolver because they simply don't have enough of the capacity and action you will need in a huge battle with a bunch of zombies. One of the better ones would be the Beretta 92FS pistol and it's 15 round magazine. It is very accurate as well as reliable. Only bad thing about it, is it's size, it's pretty big for a pistol.

A Shotgun – This is good for a zombie hunter and his survival kit because there are going to be times when accuracy is going to go out the window in the heat of battle and with a shotgun you don't need to be all that accurate. It's pretty heavy but when you can't be accurate not much else is going to get the job done.

A Knife – Yes a knife needs to be in the zombie survival kit. This is because it has a ton of uses. You can stab zombies in the head with it, you can cut through thick foliage when going through the woods, cut rope and so on. The uses are unending so a knife or two are a must.

A Machete – Number one reason for this one is too obvious, but for chopping off the heads of any zombies in your area. They are also great for cutting through branches and bushes in the woods.

A Tactical Tomahawk – What's good about this weapon is that you can use either end of it to smash those zombies in the head. Plus it is very versatile and can be used as a general type tool. It might be a little heavy but it is still one that should be included. It's a great one for any member of your party that might not be very good with guns.

Most important thing to remember is that for all or any of the guns that you might have in your survival kit make sure that you stock up on plenty of ammo otherwise you will be left fighting only with a knife, tomahawk and machete. That might make for some pretty tough battles in the end.

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