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Six Somewhat Unusual Zombie Games

It seems everywhere you look there seems to be zombies just around the corner, hiding in a closet, hiding inside run down buildings. You name, they are coming out of the woodwork. They can be found on T-shirts, games and other products. Zombie games can be played on tablets, laptops, desktops or smartphones. In fact there are so many zombie games to pick from it can often be confusing. So here are six somewhat unusual ones that you might want to consider playing.

Zombie Soccer – Yep you read that right, Zombie Soccer is a soccer game that you can ply online on your PC or tablet. In this game you are a soccer player that is, of course being chased by, you guessed it, zombies. Not only are you having to play a game of soccer but you also need to keep playing the game and trying to make goals while you are being attacked by neighborhood zombies that you have to kill while they are attacking you during your soccer game. This actually a game t hat is a pretty good combination of a good sports game and a zombie game at the same time.

Zombie Cafe – OK, this is pretty similar to other cafe games that have been released by Capcom however, in this game all of your employees just happen to be zombies. Some of the customers in the game are also zombies. This is a pretty good free game that you can download to your iOS or your Android smartphone, Facebook page or tablet. This is a pretty unusual zombie game because for once you are not being chased by zombies nor do you have to try to kill them in this game.

No Zombies Allowed – In this zombie game you will be responsible with the task of saving your hometown after it has been completely taken over by a big horde of zombies. In this game you have to recruit people who have already survived the zombie apocalypse and are willing to help you build the town back up. This game is a pretty good game that even allows upgradable weapons and gives out special rewards when a player completes certain missions.

Zombie Tycoon – This is a pretty typical tycoon game except there are zombies included in this particular tycoon style game. This particular zombie game by Sony Computer Entertainment is one of the more friendlier zombie games because instead of killing them or fighting them off, your goal is to control the zombies in the game.

The Typing of the Dead – This probably one of the most unusual zombie games available to those who love to play zombie games. The reason is this is also one of those typing games. The whole idea behind the game is that you are trying to learn to type as fast as you can so you aren't eaten up by zombies. The slower you type the more zombies there are going to be attacking you. Not only is this a fun and unusual zombie game but it is a pretty good way to also practice your typing and build up your actual typing speed. Kids and adults will both enjoy playing this game.

Plants vs. Zombies – This is not only an unusual game for zombie games but it is also probably one of the more well known games that is from PopCap Games that is available for your computer, tablet, Xbox 360, smartphones and Nintendo DS. In this game you are trying to do your best to build up your plants that you have in your garden so you can get rid of those annoying zombies.

So if you really are into zombie games and looking for something different then make sure to try these six games out. There is bound to be one you'll really like.

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