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Zombie Burger - More than a Game!

There are a lot of zombie games, books, shows and movies out there and if you are a person who loves playing those food games then Zombie Burger could be one that might interest you. If you like the quick pace of dealing with customer orders, getting the food ready and serving the customers before they lose their patience then this could be the game you are looking for. This game can be played online on a variety of different websites.

Zombie Burger is a game where the player serves up some pretty gross meals for their zombie customers. This is a pretty funny fast food restaurant game. Those who play the game are right out of an Internet cooking course and they want to start up their fast food joint right away and the game allows them to do just that.

The player however, suddenly discovers as soon as their business is opened up that the world is rapidly changing. It seems that the zombies are taking over the world and now the player has to come to terms with the fact that they now have more zombie customers to serve than human customers.

What this problem means for the player is that they have to change their way of thinking about food and they will need to change the way they see food and learn to capitalize on this new market of, you guessed it brain eating and a hoard of meat eating zombies.

With this knowledge the player has to open up the very first 24 hour a day junk food franchise so that they can fulfill the needs and cravings of their creepy and gross customers.

This game is fun game for all those who love both zombie games and food games. The graphics are done in a cute cartoon fashion so that even though the idea of the game is pretty gross, the graphics lighten the grossness a bit for players, especially if they are younger players.

Special Note: Zombie Burger by the way isn't just a game either. In Des Moines Iowa, in the United States is a restaurant that goes with the flow and theme of the ever popular zombie theme. The restaurant services up a wide variety of burgers and other foods and drinks in an atmosphere that is filled with zombies and other creepy decorations to please any hungry zombie lover who also loves good food and drinks. Their slogan is “Feeeeed Meeeee”. A place that appears to be quite unique and loved by the locals and non-locals. They are open for lunch, dinner and late night dining up to 2:00 AM on Friday's and Saturdays. So if you are ever in the area and love zombies, you might want to check out this creepy place to eat.

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Weapons You Will Need to be a Zombie Hunter

Well, if the time comes when there might be a zombie apocalypse and you want to become a zombie hunter, there are going to be some weapons you more than likely will want to include in your zombie survival kit. Some say these things are pretty much good to have in a survival kit.

AR-15 - These guns often get some bad rap but when it comes to zombies it seems they are very important to have nearby. These are accurate rifles that let you defend your position from a huge group of zombies as long as you have some extra magazines and lots of ammo. They are also pretty light and they won't slow the zombie hunter down if they are on the run.

A Semiautomatic Pistol – This is essential for any zombie hunter and their survival kit. You don't want a revolver because they simply don't have enough of the capacity and action you will need in a huge battle with a bunch of zombies. One of the better ones would be the Beretta 92FS pistol and it's 15 round magazine. It is very accurate as well as reliable. Only bad thing about it, is it's size, it's pretty big for a pistol.

A Shotgun – This is good for a zombie hunter and his survival kit because there are going to be times when accuracy is going to go out the window in the heat of battle and with a shotgun you don't need to be all that accurate. It's pretty heavy but when you can't be accurate not much else is going to get the job done.

A Knife – Yes a knife needs to be in the zombie survival kit. This is because it has a ton of uses. You can stab zombies in the head with it, you can cut through thick foliage when going through the woods, cut rope and so on. The uses are unending so a knife or two are a must.

A Machete – Number one reason for this one is too obvious, but for chopping off the heads of any zombies in your area. They are also great for cutting through branches and bushes in the woods.

A Tactical Tomahawk – What's good about this weapon is that you can use either end of it to smash those zombies in the head. Plus it is very versatile and can be used as a general type tool. It might be a little heavy but it is still one that should be included. It's a great one for any member of your party that might not be very good with guns.

Most important thing to remember is that for all or any of the guns that you might have in your survival kit make sure that you stock up on plenty of ammo otherwise you will be left fighting only with a knife, tomahawk and machete. That might make for some pretty tough battles in the end.
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Some of the Best Zombie Games Ever

If you think the zombie games craze is something new, think again. Actually gamers have been battling zombies for decades now in a variety of different kinds of games. The zombie craze rages on to this very day and here are a few of the more popular zombie games that gamers really enjoy playing.

The House of the Dead – This one got its humble beginnings in arcades and is still going strong with it's newest release “Overkill: Director's Cut” for PlayStation 3. This has always been a favorite with plenty of bloodshed where the player uses light gun peripheral to destroy zombies and other creatures that might be undead, this includes frogs. You can also download House of the Dead lll and House of the Dead 4.

Dead Rising 2 – This is one of the zombie games that has players battling hundreds of different zombies using a variety of weapons that even include a moose head and a guitar. There is plenty of zombie bashing action in this game and there are also a lot of little side missions to help keep the game interesting. It even has a game show that lets players compete for some healing medicine. For Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Dead Island – This game takes place on what was once a nice tropical resort that has been overrun by the walking dead. It has a first person combat set up and it includes a ton of weapons that can very easily decapitate the enemy if hit just right and what a bloody mess it creates every time there is a beheading. This one is for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Even though the main game has nothing to do with any kind of zombies, it does have a good supplementary mode in the game that lets players and their friends get together and mow down a bunch of zombies and unlocking new places where there are weapons stored. The game even includes historical political characters like Kennedy and Nixon. This is for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors – Here's a good one from the good old days of Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Lucas Arts and Konami got together and created this hilarious game based on monster movies. The players can team up together to fight a ton of different enemies from killer dolls to giant babies and aliens. For Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.

The Walking Dead – This is a game that will be hard to top with it's compelling job of storytelling and creation of immense tense and suspenseful moments in the game. This game is based on the Robert Kirkman series and Activision is considering making it's own game based on it but it will be hard to compete with this thrilling and intelligent game.

Resident Evil 4 – This is the top of this game series that started with the Nintendo GameCube. It is a great story about a police officer named Leon S. Kennedy who is on a suicide mission to try and rescue the daughter of the President from a town of infected people. It has great boss encounters and wonderful visuals and even by today's standards is till a great game. For GameCube and PlayStation 2.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare – This is a stand out when it comes to the best Western style games that has ever been created. This great game puts the cowboy James Marston up against a ton of resurrected bodies. The gun play is fierce and the different zombie missions keeps the player busy for hours. The game is for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Plants vs Zombies – This is a really fun strategy game that has all kinds of plant life fighting off hundreds of zombies that include anything from break dancers to heavy duty cone wearing party goers. This is one you should check out if you have never tried it. It is for PlayStation Vita, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Apple iOS devices.

Left 4 Dead – This is probably one of the best zombie games created. This game truly emphasizes the true fear of fighting off a zombie apocalypse and trying to survive as a team. The original and the sequel both create extremely terrifying moments as survivors fight off hordes of zombies that are both big and small. The whole time they are fighting to try and get to their safety point. There is also online support and a mode that even lets the player play as a zombie. This game is only for Xbox 360.
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Six Somewhat Unusual Zombie Games

It seems everywhere you look there seems to be zombies just around the corner, hiding in a closet, hiding inside run down buildings. You name, they are coming out of the woodwork. They can be found on T-shirts, games and other products. Zombie games can be played on tablets, laptops, desktops or smartphones. In fact there are so many zombie games to pick from it can often be confusing. So here are six somewhat unusual ones that you might want to consider playing.

Zombie Soccer – Yep you read that right, Zombie Soccer is a soccer game that you can ply online on your PC or tablet. In this game you are a soccer player that is, of course being chased by, you guessed it, zombies. Not only are you having to play a game of soccer but you also need to keep playing the game and trying to make goals while you are being attacked by neighborhood zombies that you have to kill while they are attacking you during your soccer game. This actually a game t hat is a pretty good combination of a good sports game and a zombie game at the same time.

Zombie Cafe – OK, this is pretty similar to other cafe games that have been released by Capcom however, in this game all of your employees just happen to be zombies. Some of the customers in the game are also zombies. This is a pretty good free game that you can download to your iOS or your Android smartphone, Facebook page or tablet. This is a pretty unusual zombie game because for once you are not being chased by zombies nor do you have to try to kill them in this game.

No Zombies Allowed – In this zombie game you will be responsible with the task of saving your hometown after it has been completely taken over by a big horde of zombies. In this game you have to recruit people who have already survived the zombie apocalypse and are willing to help you build the town back up. This game is a pretty good game that even allows upgradable weapons and gives out special rewards when a player completes certain missions.

Zombie Tycoon – This is a pretty typical tycoon game except there are zombies included in this particular tycoon style game. This particular zombie game by Sony Computer Entertainment is one of the more friendlier zombie games because instead of killing them or fighting them off, your goal is to control the zombies in the game.

The Typing of the Dead – This probably one of the most unusual zombie games available to those who love to play zombie games. The reason is this is also one of those typing games. The whole idea behind the game is that you are trying to learn to type as fast as you can so you aren't eaten up by zombies. The slower you type the more zombies there are going to be attacking you. Not only is this a fun and unusual zombie game but it is a pretty good way to also practice your typing and build up your actual typing speed. Kids and adults will both enjoy playing this game.

Plants vs. Zombies – This is not only an unusual game for zombie games but it is also probably one of the more well known games that is from PopCap Games that is available for your computer, tablet, Xbox 360, smartphones and Nintendo DS. In this game you are trying to do your best to build up your plants that you have in your garden so you can get rid of those annoying zombies.

So if you really are into zombie games and looking for something different then make sure to try these six games out. There is bound to be one you'll really like.

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