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The Minecraft Zombie

The minecraft zombie or zombies are humanoid mobs that will occupy about the same amount of space as the players in the game. Similar to most Overworld mobs, the minecraft zombie can only spawn in that have low light conditions, like outside at night, underground and in deeply shaded areas. Even tho ...more

Zombie Burger - More than a Game!

There are a lot of zombie games, books, shows and movies out there and if you are a person who loves playing those food games then Zombie Burger could be one that might interest you. If you like the quick pace of dealing with customer orders, getting the food ready and serving the customers before t ...more

Weapons You Will Need to be a Zombie Hunter

Well, if the time comes when there might be a zombie apocalypse and you want to become a zombie hunter, there are going to be some weapons you more than likely will want to include in your zombie survival kit. Some say these things are pretty much good to have in a survival kit. AR-15 - These gu ...more

Some of the Best Zombie Games Ever

If you think the zombie games craze is something new, think again. Actually gamers have been battling zombies for decades now in a variety of different kinds of games. The zombie craze rages on to this very day and here are a few of the more popular zombie games that gamers really enjoy playing.  ...more

Six Somewhat Unusual Zombie Games

It seems everywhere you look there seems to be zombies just around the corner, hiding in a closet, hiding inside run down buildings. You name, they are coming out of the woodwork. They can be found on T-shirts, games and other products. Zombie games can be played on tablets, laptops, desktops or sma ...more

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